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This is our custom made, race spec S14 piston. These have been designed in house to handle anything you can think! We run these very same pistons in our 9k RPM 300 horsepower N/A s14 engine. Future projects we will utilize this platform for our 1000+ horsepower turbo engine. These pistons can not be confused or compared to any off the shelf item that other vendors offer. Any compression ratio, bore size, or valve pocket can be ordered as these pistons are made to your exact specifications. Turn around time is normally 3 to 4 weeks. Specifications on the pistons are as follows:

  • Thicker deck to withstand the extra head and cylinder pressure associated with race engines and turbo applications.
  • Large accumulated volume groove to assist in reducing blow by.
  • Large valve pocket relief area which allows the use of very aggressive camshafts
  • Gas Port
  • Custom Total Seal piston rings
  • Custom heavy duty piston wrist pin (9310 Steel, 1 micron surface finish, 100% Rockwell tested)
  • Coated for added protection
  • +/- 1 gram weight tolerance

If you have any questions or would like information about ordering please contact,

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