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Here is our S14 Valve Train & Shim-Under-Bucket conversion Kit. Through much research and development we were able to design a valvetrain kit that would meet the demands of our 9,000 RPM 300+ horsepower S14. We were able to save a significant amount of weight in the valvetrain which allows us to use the valvetrain up to 10,000RPM. Included in the kit is the following:

  • 16 High Perfomance Bucket with shims
  • 16 High Performance Racing Intake Valves
  • 16 High Performance Racing Exhaust Valves
  • 16 High Performance Titanium Retainers
  • 16 High Performance Dual Valve Springs

Both intake and exhaust valves can purchased in various sizes for specific needs.

Shim Under Buckets:

Notice the weight savings when compared to stock buckets. Stock Buckets weigh in at 78grams and our buckets weigh in at 45grams. Thats a 45% weight savings!

Intake Vavles:

Valves in picture are 1.5mm over stock and weighs the same as stock smaller valve.

Exhaust Vavles:

Valves are same size as stock but weigh 20% less.

Titanium Retainers:

Notice the 50% weight savings.

If you have any questions or would like information about ordering please contact,

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