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1988 E30 M3

Our e30 m3 is our showcase vehicle. We completed a 3 year restoration in 2010 along with a long list of modifications. The car was fully disassembled. Chassis was sent to Lawrence Charlemagne in Wappinger Falls, NY where it was brought back to life and painted BMW Space Gray and buffered to a show shine. The engine was upgraded sufficiently with all our high performance parts. In the end the engine put out about 300hp. The interior was also upgraded with Recaro seat and M-Tech cloth among other items.


1990 325is

Our 325is hasn’t gone through a full restoration but definitely stands out from the normal e30 crowd.


1991 E30 318i

Our e30 318i project was also restored but we keep things a little reserved and more like factory. Some features of this project were the conversion of the interior from tan to black, the very clean engine bay and overall complete factory appearance. Like all other projects it has a lot of attention to details and was meticulously reassembled. It was featured in the BIMMER magazine February 2010.


1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

While not a BMW, this Alfa Romeo means a lot as it has been in the family for many years. We completed a full restoration in 2008. The body had a decent amount of rust which was cut out and repaired. The interior was refinished with a beautiful soft leather. It was featured in the November 2008 Alfa Owner magazine.