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Basic Maintenance


Our number one priority with any vehicle that comes to us is road safety and reliability. To meet this goal we can fully inspect and look over your entire vehicle and identify items of problems and concerns. This may include items from basic oil changes, brakes, tires and more. You invested a lot into the purchase of your vehicle, protect it and maintain it regularly and properly.

Engine Building/High Performance


From a stock rebuild to an all out high performance build we specialize in engine development and assembly. With stock rebuild we utilize BMW original parts and specification to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. For high performance applications we work closely with our vendors to meet all of your needs and desires.



Engine Management/Engine Tuning

There are many different options when considering an engine management system. We have the experience and knowledge to help you decide what best fits your desires and application. We have access to all electrical parts, sensors and harnesses that you will need to get your engine running properly. As graduates of EFI University our engine tuning capabilities are not only proven but also accredited. We can tune many different types of engine management systems so to best serve our customers.

Custom Wiring Harnesses

We can custom design and build wire harnesses for any vehicle application. We offer different types of services to best meet your applications. This can vary from simple/cost effective harnesses to high-end heat-shrunk harnesses. We can work with our customers to best meet their needs and budget.

Detailing and Paint Work


From daily driver to garage queens, we have cleaned and detailed them all. We have experience working with original paint and aftermarket concourse paint jobs. We offer different types of detailing services. From basic to high end paint protection applications, we can meet all your detailing needs. We also offer painting and bodywork services. This includes, wheel refinishing, engine cover refinishing, and bodywork and painting services. Please contact us for more details.